We Stand Against Domestic Violence

Every year women around the world take part in 16 days of global action to oppose violence against women.

In 2017, The Yarn School, Rebel Women and St. Michael’s Family Resource Centre joined forces to mark the 16 Days of Action by honouring the work of Inchicore Outreach Domestic Violence Centre. The team in the Centre has assisted almost 2,000 women over the last twenty years. These women are now living safely in their own homes thanks to the support they got.

In this project we adopted the sunflower as a symbol for the women who survive domestic violence and we began by making a sunflower hanging. We then invited men and women from the community to take a stand with our sunflower in a portrait photograph. Tracy O’Brien our photographer took more than 60 portraits which were then collaged together into a campaign banner. We also designed stickers and bookmarks with simple advice on what every individual can do to stand up against domestic violence.

During the 16 Days of Action we brought our banner and campaign material onto the streets of Inchicore.