A Short History of Feminism

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A performance, exhibition and workshop that brings the ideas that have inspired woman’s long struggle for equality to life.

A series of embroidered tapestries are presented by Olympe de Gouges (1748-1793), a woman inspired by the Enlightenment, who died during the French revolution for her belief in justice for women.

After the presentation the audience are invited to join in a discussion facilitated by Mme de Gouges.

Surprising and thought provoking, A Short History of Feminism, draws out the threads that have tied women’s movements together in different eras and cultures, and challenges the audience to think about the relevance of these ideas to their own lives and times.

The performance is both entertaining and educational and is suitable for all groups, from teens to adults.

If you are interested in hosting Mme de Gouges in your group please contact theyarnschool@gmail.com

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